Top Plate for 12" AngleGuard - Merriman Pedestals
Top Plate for 12" Wide AngleGuard

Top Plate for 12" AngleGuard - Merriman Pedestals

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This 12" wide Top Plate is used for upgrading from an existing 12-1/2" wide Merriman/Yacht Specialties pedestal guard with 1" diameter tubing to a NavPod 12" wide StraightGuard or AngleGuard made with 1.25" tubing.

This would typically be done to gain more volume inside the pedestal tubing for running instrument wires and their connectors.
As an added bonus, the larger 1.25" diameter tubing provides a more secure grip when underway and conditions get rough.

• Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel

Heavy on the technical side...

Do I need a new Top Plate?
The purpose of the Top Plate, with its integral arms, is to provide support for sailboat steering pedestal guards.
The top plate is located on top of the pedestal, just below the engine control head with its throttle and shift levers. (See image.)
Virtually all major sailboat steering system manufacturers - Edson, Lewmar (formerly Whitlock), as well as the no longer available Merriman/Yacht Specialties - use 1" tubing for their pedestal guards.

If you are mounting a new NavPod AngleGuard made with 1" tubing, you shouldn’t need to replace your Top Plate as your existing pedestal guard is most likely made with 1" tubing.

As stated above, however, if you are switching to a pedestal guard made with 1.25" tubing to better accommodate all the wires for your instruments, you will need to replace your existing top plate with one designed to support 1.25" diameter tubing.

NavPod manufactures a TP125 Top Plate for 9.5" wide pedestal guards - commonly used with popular Edson steering systems - when upgrading to an AngleGuard or StraightGuard made with 1.25" tubing.

They also provide a TP225 Top Plate for 12" wide pedestal guards - commonly found on Lewmar Steering Systems (formerly Whitlock) - when upgrading to an AngleGuard or StraightGuard made with 1.25" tubing.

If your existing pedestal guard measures 12.5" (center-to-center) and is made with 1" tubing, you probably have a steering system made by Merriman/Yacht Specialties. They were very popular in the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s.
In this case, you will need to replace tyour existing top plate with a NavPod TP325, which is designed to be used with 12" wide pedestal guards made with 1.25" tubing.

There are other steering systems from European companies like Solimar and Goiot. If your boat has one of these systems, please call a Fisheries Supply representative at 800-426-6930 for advice on selecting the NavPod products for use with these steering systems.

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