Nav-Pac Continuous Power Supply

Nav-Pac Continuous Power Supply

Internal Rechargeable Battery Assures Constant Voltage Supply for Sensitive Navigation Instruments
By: Newmar

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More general purpose than Newmar's StartGuard, the Nav-Pac uninterruptible DC power supply instantaneously protects sensitive, micro-processor driven communication and navigation instruments from memory and data loss due to electrical interference and voltage drops from a variety of sources including engine starting, bow thrusters, large inverters, etc.

Marine communication and navigation electronics such as programmable data transceivers, GPS and other microprocessor-controlled devices require clean and steady DC input power. Their sensitive circuitry is highly vulnerable to voltage drop from engine starting, thrusters, windlasses, noise and line spikes from alternators and motors, as well as conducted noise from various other electronic devices.
The Nav-Pac prevents these conditions from affecting electronics by acting as a continuous source of "clean" power.

While the similar, but less sophisticated, Start Guard (see Related Products, below) is only on-line during engine starting, the Nav-Pac uninterruptable power supply is always on-line.
It is wired to the power supply side of each device you need to protect from voltage drops or interference. The Nav-Pac contains electrical noise filters and an internal rechargeable battery which supplies full voltage to the protected devices, is protected from draining into the house system by diodes, and is recharged along with the house batteries when a charging current is available.

• Monitor panel included
• Absorbs voltage line "spikes"
• Filters out electrical interference and noise
• Provides supplemental voltage and battery back-up for up to 15 minutes
• Output: 12 volts; 15 amps max. 7 amps for fifteen minutes, 10 amps for eight minutes and 15 amps for two minutes
• Internal replaceable AGM battery: sealed rechargeable 4.0 amp-hour, 5-7 years typical life, can be replaced
• Low-voltage disconnect circuit protects battery from total discharge
• Certified by DOT and IATA for shipment by air
• Noise filtering: audio through 200 MHz
• Voltage spike protection: transient energy capability; 100 Joules, 4,000 amps max (8 x 20 micro seconds)
• Size: 5.25"H x 6.2"W x 7.4"D

Available in 24 volt version by special order. Please inquire at 800-426-6930.

Click here for additional technical data and installation instructions for the Nav-Pac.

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