Start Guard™ Continuous Power Supply w⁄Relay

Newmar NS12-20 - StartGuard DC Power Supply

Protects sensitive electronics | 12V Output | Provides 20 amps for 1 minute
By: Newmar

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The Start Guard uninterruptible DC power supply is a specialized "engine starting" version of Newmar's Nav Pac UPS.
The abrupt DC system voltage drop that accompanies engine starting can cause microprocessor-driven communication and navigation electronics to "dump" programmed memory.

StartGuard solves this common problem by providing supplemental full voltage - from its internal battery - to sensitive electronics while the engine is being cranked.
The StartGuard is controlled by an internal relay switch, which is wired to the engine starting circuit. It switches on-line to the protected electronics when the starter switch or solenoid is engaged, and then switches off-line when the engine has started and cranking ceases.
The StartGuard's internal battery is then recharged by the engine's alternator.

The Start Guard is only suitable for protecting from voltage drops due to engine starting. To protect from voltage drops from other sources such as bow thrusters or large inverters going on-line (as well as a variety of other electrical interference), use Newmar's Nav-Pac uniterruptible DC power supply. See Related Products, below.

• Input voltage is 13.8-14.8V DC nominal, 15.5V DC max
• Relay activation input voltage is 7-15V DC
• Output is 12 volts; 20 amps (for 1 min), 15 amps (for 2 min)
• Internal, replaceable, AGM battery is 12V DC , sealed rechargeable, 5-7 year life(typical) 5 amp-hour capacity
• Certified by DOT and IATA for shipment by air

The Start guard is only available for 12 volt systems.

NOTE — Wiring the StartGuard can be more challenging than wiring Newmar's similar Nav-Pac uninterruptible DC power supply.
On today's high tech engines, gaining access to the required engine electrical circuits can prove difficult. Make sure you can access the engine's momentary start circuit - either at the the keyed ignition switch, push-button start switch, or the starter solenoid circuit.
If wiring the StartGuard is problematic, consider purchasing Newmar's Nav-Pac UPS, which only requires access to the wires powering the devices to be protected (as well as a 12 volt power source), and can also protect instruments during engine starting.

Click here for technical data and installation instructions for the StartGuard.

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