2000W Torque Series Sine Wave Inverter Charger

2000W Torque Series Sine Wave Inverter Charger

12V DC Input, 120V AC Output | 2000W Inverter, 125A Charger
By: Newmar

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Newmar's "Torque" Series (TQ) of inverter-chargers incorporates all the ruggedness and reliability of their recent "Perfect Wave" IC Series, but with upgraded electronics that provide higher peak power, improved efficiency, better system protections (see below), and a more compact case size for increased mounting options.
A diagnostic monitor panel with power limit programming is built-in. An optional full-function remote panel with LCD 2-line text display is also available; see Related Products, below.

The full line of Torque Inverter-Chargers includes models for use with 12 volt and 24 volt battery systems, power ratings ranging from 1000 to 3600 Watts at 115V AC, and battery charging at 60 - 150 amps.

TQ inverter-chargers deliver high surge capability for starting motor loads and pure sinusoidal AC for flawless operation of all appliances and sensitive electronics. They are ideal for entertainment systems and micro-processor-based equipment such as computers - which are intolerant of AC wave distortion.

Whenever shore or generator AC power is available, a built-in automatic transfer switch activates the multi-stage battery charger for rapid and safe replenishment of the inverter battery bank.

A significant innovation in the Torque Series of inverter-chargers is that, unlike many competing inverter-chargers, the TQ is capable of charging a completely dead battery. It can also transfer between AC voltage sources when the batteries are dead. If you've ever left a light on by accident when you left your boat, you know an accidental dead flat battery can easily happen.
(In other inverters - even earlier Newmar models - the electronic brain of the unit as well as the internal AC transfer switch both require a small amount of DC voltage to be able to function. So if your batteries are completely dead, the charger won't charge - even if you are plugged into shore power or your genset is running. A classic catch-22.)

Protection features include thermally controlled cooling fans, low voltage cutout, thermal and overload protection, and ground fault interruption.
The rugged powder coated aluminum case is suitable for permanent horizontal or bulkhead (vertical) mounting.
A front panel LED display provides basic diagnostics and voltage data. It can also be removed and installed as a remote using an optional adapter kit (NMR TQ-RMK).
An optional deluxe LCD remote indicator and control panel (NMR TQ-DSP) provides full text messages, additional functions and information, and can be used with all TQ models; see Related Products, below.

• 3-stage smart charger is temperature compensated - for optimal charging, the charging profile changes with the measured temperature of the batteries (temp sensor cable is included)
• Charger output is programmable for gel-cell, flooded lead-acid or AGM battery types
• All important aspects of inverter and charger operation clearly displayed on front panel, which can also be mounted as a remote
• Heavy duty powder coated aluminum construction and polyurethane coated internal circuitry - built to last in the corrosive marine environment
• Amp-hour capacity selector for proper charging in various applications
• Will charge batteries that have been discharged to zero volts
• Programmable AC input power limiting avoids nuisance tripping of shore power breakers when limited power is available
• Internal charger is activated by an automatic transfer switch via remote sensor whenever external AC power is available
• Optional Battery Integrator (NMR BI-200) permits charging of multiple battery banks; see Related Products
• Designed for maximum ease of installation and intuitive operation - including large DC input terminal blocks and digital status meter
• Convenient front panel GFCI protected outlet receptacle
• AC output from the inverter may also be hard-wired to your vessel's AC system
• Numerous safety and circuit protections: short circuit, overload, over-temperature, ground fault protection, output circuit breakers, etc.
• Automatic low voltage shutdown circuit prevents damage to batteries due to over-discharge when using inverter function
• Thermally controlled, low noise cooling fan prolongs life of components
• UL listed with two year warranty

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