Genius Mini On-board Battery Charger - 8A
Genius Mini On-board Battery Charger - 8A
NOCO Genius Mini On-board Battery Charger - 8A
Genius Mini On-board Battery Charger - 8A

Genius Mini Battery Charger - 2 Bank, 12V, 4A/Bank

Waterproof | 2 Banks | Rapid charging technology

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The GEN2 Mini On-Board Battery Charger is a rugged and compact waterproof charger for 12V lead acid batteries.
It can be mounted onto virtually any vehicle, such as a boat, car, tractor, or RV.
Safe to leave connected indefinitely; the GEN Mini interactively diagnoses, recovers, and charges Wet, Gel, MF and AGM batteries chemistries from 20-120Ah and maintains all battery sizes.

Recharging your battery quickly and efficiently is essential, therefore selecting the proper onboard battery charger for your application is important.
Comparing Noco's battery chargers, the GEN Series charges at 10-amps per bank, while the GEN Mini Series charges at 4-amps per bank. In most applications, the GEN Series will charge a standard deep-cycle marine battery in less than half the time of the GEN Mini Series.

• Fully Interactive - Automatically adjusts itself to changing current needs
• Designed For Safety - Reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, spark proof, overheat, overcurrent & overcharge
• HF/HE Switch Mode Design - High-frequency, high-efficiency for lightweight, compact charger
• Rapid Charging Technology - Charges batteries 2X faster than traditional linear battery chargers
• Variable Input Compensated - 100% full charge even with varying A/C input voltages
• Recovery Mode - Recovers deeply discharged & sulfated batteries with pulse charging
• Multiple Battery Chemistry - Safely charges Wet, Gel, MF & AGM batteries
• Abnormality Protection - Automatically shuts "off" if charger remains in Bulk charge mode for an extended period of time
• Waterproof - 100% completely sealed. Protects our units from the most extreme environments and rated at IP68
• Specific Gravity Optimization - A stabilizing charge that optimizes the specific gravity of a battery for increased performance
• Ignition Protected - Non-igniting and temperature controlled for safe and worry-free operation
• Multiple Battery Compatibility - Independently charges multiple 12V batteries

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