NOCO GEN3 Mini Onboard Battery Charger - 12V, 3 Banks, 4 Amps per Bank
NOCO GEN3 Mini Onboard Battery Charger - 12V, 3 Banks, 4 Amps per Bank
NOCO Genius GEN3 Mini On-Board Battery Charger - 3 Banks, 12V, 4 Amps per Bank
NOCO GEN3 Mini Onboard Battery Charger - 12V, 3 Banks, 4 Amps per Bank
NOCO GEN3 Mini Onboard Battery Charger - 12V, 3 Banks, 4 Amps per Bank

Genius Mini Battery Charger - 3 Bank, 12V, 4A/Bank

Wet, Gel, MF, EFB, AGM Batts. | For Start or Deep Cycle Batts. | IP68 - Waterproof; Submersible

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The GEN3 Mini is an onboard battery charger for charging and maintaining three 12-volt Marine, Starter or Deep-Cycle batteries. The charger has three outputs, each with a 4 Amp capability, and is suitable for smaller batteries with capacities up to 120 Amp Hours.

The rugged Mini 3 is 100% waterproof, shock and vibration resistant, as well as saltwater tested to ensure saltwater resistance. It can be mounted in boats, electric vehicles, and industrial equipment.

The GEN3 Mini charger monitors battery activity for safe, fast and efficient charging of Wet, Gel, AGM and Maintenance-Free batteries without the worry of overcharging. It's one of the most advanced charging systems designed for improved battery performance and longevity.

Recharging your battery quickly and efficiently is essential, therefore selecting the proper onboard battery charger for your application is important.
Comparing Noco's battery chargers, the GEN Series charges at 10-amps per bank, while the GEN Mini Series charges at 4-amps per bank. In most applications, the GEN Series will charge a standard deep-cycle marine battery in less than half the time of the GEN Mini Series.

• 3-bank, 4 Amps per bank (12 Amps total) on-board battery charger
• Charges starter and deep-cycle batteries up to 120 Ah
• Suitable for Wet Cell (Flooded), Gel Cell, Calcium, AGM, Enhanced Flooded Battery or any Maintenance-Free Battery
• 100% completely sealed and waterproof design rated at IP68
• Spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection
• Provides full-charge output even with low-line voltages
• Built-in battery desulfator function to recover worn-out batteries
• Charges 2X faster than most marine battery chargers
• Saltwater-tested to combat corrosion
• Ignition Protected and meets USCG-33 CFR 183.410 requirements

Additional features:
Optimization — Stabilizes the internal battery chemistry for increased battery performance and longevity by optimizing the batteries internal specific gravity.
Maintenance Plus — A powerful battery maintenance charge that actively monitors and manages charge cycles, but also provides a finishing charge every 24-hours, keeping batteries fully charged with zero overcharge.
Interactive — Dynamically alters the charging process based on organic battery feedback allowing for precision battery charging.
Recovery — When detected, it applies a high-voltage low-current pulse charge causing battery sulfation to convert back to the active material, regaining lost battery capacity.
Safety —Protects against adverse and abnormal conditions, like reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open circuits, short circuits and overheating.
Firewall —Designed to remain safe, even after a major failure with built-in redundant levels of safety protection.
Ignition Protected —Non-igniting and temperature controlled onboard battery charger for safe and worry-free operation. Its Ignition Protected and meets USCG-33 CFR 183.410 requirements.
5 Year Warranty —Noco's onboard battery chargers are built to last. That's why they back them up with an unbeatable warranty and combine it with unparalleled customer service.

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