12V 72.6 AMP 59# GROUP 27 BATTERY
Dimensions of Meridian by NorthStar Batteries 12V Group 27 AGM Marine Start/Deep Cycle Battery

12V Group 27 AGM Marine Start/Deep Cycle Battery

90 Ah, 930 CCA

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These Group 27 AGM Batteries provide the ideal replacement for your traditional starting battery.
No longer do you have to decide between a starting battery for your engine, and a deep cycle battery for your house bank. With advanced, high efficiency, thin-plate technology, this battery does both!

Although designed for high-load starting applications, these advanced batteries also provide full-function deep cycle capabilities. They have a high cycle life capability of 800+ cycles at 50% discharge, and 500+ cycles at 80% discharge.

The advanced AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) construction means all the acid electrolyte is absorbed in fiberglass matting between the lead plates.
There is no electrolyte to leak (even if the case is broken), no water levels to check, and no corrosion to clean.
The flexible AGM construction allows for installation in any orientation, except inverted.
AGM batteries also have a very low self-discharge rate, so they can be stored for much longer periods — without requiring a re-charge — than standard batteries.

• High plate density provides excellent engine starting
• No maintenance - no filling, no leaking, no corrosion
• Dual terminals — posts and threaded studs with wingnuts
• Proprietary plate construction delivers maximum cranking amps
• Low internal resistance - provides for very high discharge and recharging rates
• Integral carrying handle
• Automated manufacturing ensures consistency and reliability
• 3-stage brass terminal design ensures leak-free operation and maximum conductivity
• Advanced engineered plastic casing and cover are flame retardant (UL 94 VO), and withstand extreme temperatures
• Overall dimensions (including terminals): 12.5"L x 6.8"W x 8.8"H (same as Group 24, but longer)
• 3-year warranty

• DOT approved as non-hazardous cargo for ground, sea and air transport — DOT 49CFR173.159
• All Northstar batteries are UL approved, and compliant with Telcordia SR4228, Bellicore GR-63-Core, Issue 1; British, German, Russian telecom standards; Northstar is registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
• Made in Missouri, USA

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