3/8T X 1/4IN MPT TEE
Machined Brass Pipe Fittings

LPG Pipe Fitting for Propane Systems - Flare Street Tee

Machined Brass

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A marine LPG system is usually plumbed with 1/4" and 3/8" male and female National Pipe Thread (NPT) and 45° SAE flare fitting connections. Additionally, propane systems use specialized fittings to make the actual connection to the tank.
Only those fittings with NPT threads require the use of a thread sealant on the threads. SAE flare connections are self-sealing. Do not use whiteTeflon® tape, which can degrade when exposed to hydrocarbons. We recommend using Permatex® #56521 High Performance Thread Sealant, although double thickness yellow PTFE/Teflon® tape, which is designated for use with LPG systems, will work as well. Remember to wrap it in the same direction in which you would screw a nut onto the fitting, and to start at the opening of the fitting and wrap toward the body.

Unlike the relatively porous cast fittings used in water systems, these fittings are machined from solid brass, making them impermeable to propane, as well as liquid fuels such as gasoline or diesel.
• Flare Street Tee - flare x flare x male pipe at one end of the run - use when connecting solenoid to 2 appliance hoses
• Flare Branch Tee - flare x male pipe at the branch x flare - same as above

Used with available propane hoses, you can use brass pipe fittings to plumb a simple propane system for a single appliance, or link them to create customized “manifold” style systems for supplying propane to multiple appliances. Furthermore, you can use propane hoses and pipe fittings to create customized physical arrangements to best fit the required components into the available space in your propane locker.

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