Optima Yellow Top Group 35 Dual Purpose Battery

AGM | 48 Ah | 620 CCA

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The high-performance Optima Yellow Top is one of the only true dual-purpose starting/deep cycle batteries available, combining deep cycle charging and high cranking power into one AGM battery.
Its spiral design provides lower internal resistance for up to twice the cycling capacity (recharge ability), as well as faster recharging and higher cranking power than a traditional battery.

The Yellow Top is ideal for powering heavy electrical loads including boats, trucks with winches, cars with high-demand audio systems, commercial trucks and other demanding vehicle accessories and electronics.

• Spill proof - no excess liquid; can be operated in any position without the risk of leakage
• Never needs water; sealed - so no corrosion can form on the posts, connectors, or cables
• Longer service life - twice that of a normal starting battery, making it more economical
• Unaffected by vibrations that destroy ordinary batteries
• 34DA & 35DA Single posts: SAE automotive
• 31DS Single posts: 3/8" stainless steel studs
• 34U Dual posts: SAE automotive & GM style side terminal 3/8"-16 UNC-2B
• Dimension (including terminals):   9.3"L x 6.8"W x 7.8"H
• Weight:  
• 3-year free replacement warranty; 1-2 years commercial use (call for specifics)

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