Buoysmoke MK8 with Bracket
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Buoysmoke MK8 with Bracket

15 Minute Orange Smoke Man Overboard Day Time Lifebuoy Marker

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Pains-Wessex Buoysmoke MK8 w/ bracket is suitable for commercial and recreational boaters, these smokes provide a dense orange distress signal usable on petrol or oil-covered water. High impact plastic and steel case designed to withstand exposure to UV rays, oil or sea water. The Buoysmoke MK8 is the result of extensive research and development, building on the proven success of the previous model and is manufactured to the highest standards at a competitive price. Producing 15 minutes of dense orange smoke, it is safe to use on petrol or oil-covered water and can be automatically or manually deployed. As with all Pains Wessex products, the Buoysmoke MK8 is fully compliant with International legislation and meets worldwide approval standards.

Identical to Manoverboard MK8 Light & Smoke Signal - but without the lighting system. This version is required for USA and Japanese flag vessels who require 15 hour lifebuoy lights (SOLAS only 2 hours).
• USCG Approval No. 160.157/28/0 & SOLAS LSA Code 2.1.3
• EC-Type Examination No. 423.005
• Provides 15 minutes of dense orange smoke
• Far exceeds SOLAS requirements for light output and duration
• Approved to the latest SOLAS standards
• Safe to use on petrol or oil covered water
• Universal stainless steel mounting bracket
• Tested to survive a 164 ft drop into water (SOLAS 98 ft)
• Ideal for use on ships or rigs with high freeboard
• Automatic or manual deployment
• Registered Design No. 2 087 240

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