Searchlight Reflectors

Replacement Reflectors - Series 800 Searchlights

For 10", 12" and 14" Searchlights
By: Perko

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These are parabolic glass mirrors which fit Perko Searchlight models 883, 884, and 885/887. These are 10", 12" and 14" diameter searchlights, respectively. Any curved lines visible in the images are artifacts of the photographic process; the reflective surface, itself, is just a smooth mirror.

Note: A Reflector Clip Upgrade Kit for 800 Series searchlights is required when replacing the reflector in an older Perko Series 800 searchlight. This kit is sold separately; see Replacement Products, below.
If your searchlight has small reflector clips, each attached with only a single fastener, then you should upgrade your light using the Reflector Clip Upgrade Kit. The new, larger, clips in the kit are each held in with 2 fasteners for a more accurate alignment of the reflector - which is crucial for the performance of the searchlight. A small error in the reflector alignment can decrease light output by as much as 20+.
The kit includes 4 clips, 8 sets of fasteners, and a mounting template.

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