Pontoon Pro Antifouling Paint
Pontoon Pro Antifouling Paint

Pontoon Pro Antifouling Paint

Copper-Free • Ablative Antifouling for Aluminum Hulls • Multi-Season
By: Pettit

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Pontoon Pro was designed specifically for pontoon boats and aluminum hulls.
It combines the breakthrough, metal-free Econea™ biocide with the powerful slime fighting agent zinc pyrithione for dual-biocide, true multi-season protection.

This copper-free formula can be safely applied to all aluminum hulled boats.
It provides excellent antifouling protection, with an ablative surface that polishes with use. The paint film wears away over time, like a bar of soap, eliminating build up or the need for sanding between coats.
It can be used over all previously painted surfaces in good condition. One or two coats per season recommended for optimal performance.
Pontoon Pro can be hauled and re-launched without any loss of effectiveness.

• Compatible over all bottom paints
• Uses copper-free Econea biocide (6%) - will not cause galvanic corrosion
• Second organic biocide zinc pyrithione (4.8%) added for slime protection
• Self-polishing ablative paint film eliminates paint build up
• No need to sand between coats when re-applying
• Application: brush, maximum 3/16" nap roller, airless or spray
• Thinner for brush and cleanup (120 Thinner), or spray (121 Thinner); do not thin more than 10%
• Theoretical coverage is 500 ft²/gallon; at least 2 - 3 coats recommended, followed by 1 or 2 coats per season; 59% solids (vol.)

Although marketed as part of Pettit's "Professional" paint line, Pontoon Pro is available for retail purchase.

Heavy on the technical side...
Econea™ (Tralopyril) biocide offers unsurpassed protection at low concentrations. In fact, tests show that antifoulants made with just 6% Econea are as effective as those made with 50% copper. This is great news for boaters who are looking for consistently superior antifouling protection.
It's also good news for the environment, as Econea breaks down quickly in the environment and its breakdown products are biodegradable.

The potent protection that Econea provides works only against hard growth, like barnacles and zebra mussels. That's why Pettit adds a second biocide, zinc pyrithione (trade name: Zinc Omadine) to control soft growth. Zinc pyrithione is a versatile workhorse in the world of biocide technology. Zinc pyrithione is so safe it is FDA approved for use in anti-dandruff shampoos, yet it delivers real muscle in the fight against marine slime, algae and other soft growth.

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