Digital Mobile Charge130
Digital Mobile Charge130

Marine Digital Mobile Chargers - Up to 130 Amp Output

Alternator-to-Battery On-the-Water Multi-Stage Charging System

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These devices turn your current traditional alternator and regulator into a sophisticated multi-stage battery charging and maintenance system. The Digital Mobile Charge, alternator-to-battery on-the-water charging systems, provide a significant increase in charging capacity of up to 130 Amps.

Simply connect your alternator to the Digital Mobile Charge, then connect Digital Mobile Charge to your engine crank battery and house electronic battery bank.
Depending on the model selected and your alternator output, the Digital Mobile Charge will provide up to 130 Amps per hour to your house battery bank, while protecting your engine battery, and charging/conditioning your house battery bank.

Employs all-digital, boost mode, multi-stage charging - which eliminates the need and added cost for advanced regulators, battery isolators and specialty alternators to achieve sophisticated multi-stage charging and optimal battery care.
Provides increased DC power when you need it by utilizing your engine's alternator to recharge your auxiliary battery while in transit, or even when your engine is just idling.

• Does not require modifications to engine's alternator
• Quick and easy installation
• Optimal fast charge, conditioning and maintenance charging
• Ignition, over temperature and over voltage protected
• Remote control and real time viewing display
• Includes Hi-Vis LEDs
• Dimensions: 10"L x 10"W x 3"H
Models are available for all combinations of 12 and 24 volt batteries and alternators
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