Marine Digital Mobile Charge40 Battery Charger

Battery to Battery Charging

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The Digital Mobile Charge40 is a breakthrough in battery to battery, on-the-water charging technology.

With your propulsion engine running, the Digital Mobile Charge40 allows you to safely use your engine starting battery to charge your house, bow thruster, windlass, or other auxilliary battery, without the danger of depleting your engine battery.
An alternative to using an automatic charging relay or battery combiner to parallel two battery banks when there is alternator output, a Digital Mobile Charge40 allows you to parallel batteries of different voltages, or even different chemistries. With a DMC, for example, you can use your 12 volt wet cell engine battery to charge your 24 volt AGM windlass battery.
Furthermore, your auxiliary battery is charged using a sophisticated, multi-stage charging regimen to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Simply connect your engine cranking battery and your house/auxiliary battery to the DMC, for up to 40 Amps per our to be transferred to your house battery bank. All the while, the DMC automatically monitors your engine battery voltage to ensure that it always remains fully charged.

• Quick and easy installation
• Optimal fast charge, conditioning and maintenance charging
• Intelligently monitors and manages the health of the engine battery while providing maximum charge capacity to the auxiliary battery or bank
• Automatic programming of charge/ absorption time
• User programmable battery type selector
• No direct connections to the engine alternator or outboard engine
• Replaces the need for a battery isolator and advanced regulator
• Engine battery cannot discharge through the DMC - even in the event of a unit failure
• Ignition, over temperature and over voltage protected
• Remote control and real time viewing display
• Includes Hi-Vis LEDs
• Dimensions: 10"L x 10"W x 3"H
Models are available for all combinations of 12 and 24 volt batteries

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