ProNautic P Series Digital Chargers

100 - 240V AC Input ProNautic P Series Digital Chargers

Models From 10 to 60 Amps • 12 and 24 Volt Output Models • State-of-the-Art Charging System

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ProNautic P fully charges, conditions, maintains and re-conditions batteries while extending battery life and maximizing battery reserve power performance.

No more guessing about the status or condition of your batteries. You'll be impressed with the amount of useful information that is clearly displayed in an easy-to-read format right on the charger - dual displays of actual charging voltage and charging amperage, percent of charger capacity being utilized, charger maintenance mode, battery settings, warning and fault conditions, system diagnostics & status, cooling mode, etc.
This is an extremely well thought out display on a high performance charger.

• Auto-ranging worldwide AC input voltage on all models is 100 - 240 VAC
• Twelve micro-processor controlled charge profiles, and precision 4-stage charging for all marine battery types - charge, condition, maintain and re-condition - are user selectable from the front panel
• Output power is automatically distributed according to the needs of the individual battery banks
• Automatic dockside power mode for 12 volt DC lighting and appliances
• Automatic energy saving mode during non-use periods; power factor corrected
• Automatically programs conditioning time based on discharge state of batteries
• Automatically de-sulfates batteries after 21 days in the maintain mode, improving reserve power performance & extending battery life
• Automatic temperature compensation and fan control - remote temperature probe included
• Built-in safety - ignition protected and current limiting
• Five year warranty

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