Chain Grab Hooks - Clevis Style

Fisheries Items:Chain Grab Hooks - Clevis Style

Grab Hooks Attach Across a Mid-Link, On a Length of Chain, for Dragging, Pulling, or Towing
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Sku#Item IDFisheries Items#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceChain SizePin DiaSWLWeightWorking Load
62128DIX 61293 61293Loading...Chain Grab Hooks - Clevis Style, 5⁄16"Loading...5/16"0.41"3,900 lbs.0.63 lbs.3,900 lbs.
62129DIX 61393 61393Loading...Chain Grab Hooks - Clevis Style, 3⁄8"Loading... 3/8"0.47"5,400 lbs.1.10 lbs.5,400 lbs.