Systems in Operation Panel

BEP Marine:Systems in Operation Panel

For flybridge or remote dash - LED active indicators - Includes common DC labels
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Sku#Item IDBEP Marine#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceNo of SwitchesTypeChain Size, Profile, Voltage
166304BEP SOP1 SOP1Loading...Systems in Operation Panel, 166304, 4 SwitchesLoading...4Standard - No Alarm, No Mute Switch4 Switches
166305BEP SOP2 SOP2Loading...Systems in Operation Panel, 166305, 8 SwitchesLoading...8Standard - No Alarm, No Mute Switch8 Switches
172860BEP SOP2-AL SOP2-ALLoading...Systems in Operation Panel, 172860, 8 Switches, with Alarm & Mute SwitchLoading...8Standard - With Alarm & Mute Switch8 Switches, with Alarm & Mute Switch