Dual Tank⁄Single Gauge Panels

Wema-System:Dual Tank/Single Gauge Panels

A Compact Panel to Monitor the Levels of Two Tanks
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Sku#Item IDWema-System#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceColorDimensionsTypeMonitor
97004WEM UP2WF UP2WFLoading...Dual Tank/Single Gauge Panel - Black Panel, 1 Fuel, 1 Water TankLoading...Black3"W x 4"H1 Fuel, 1 Water TankBlack Two Tank Panel - 1 Fuel, 1 Water
75767WEM UP2W UP2WLoading...Dual Tank/Single Gauge Panel - Black Panel, 2 Water TanksLoading...Black3"W x 4"H2 Water TanksBlack Two Water Tanks Panel
196910WEM UP2W-WW UP2W-WWLoading...Dual Tank/Single Gauge Panel - White Panel, 2 Water TanksLoading...White3"W x 4"H2 Water TanksWhite Two Water Tanks Panel
89321WEM UP2F UP2FLoading...Dual Tank/Single Gauge Panel - Black Panel, 2 Fuel TanksLoading...Black3"W x 4"H2 Fuel TanksBlack Two Fuel Tanks Panel
181898WEM UP2H UP2HLoading...Dual Tank/Single Gauge Panel - Black Panel, 2 Holding TanksLoading...Black3"W x 4"H2 Holding TanksBlack Two Holding Tanks Panel