Cheap Diver

Cheap Diver:Cheap Diver - Hull Scrubber

Clean Your Hull Without Having to Go Into the Water
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Sku#Item IDCheap Diver#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceBoat LengthSizeDiver Size
205676CDV 24LIME 24LIMELoading...Cheap Diver, Up to 24 ft w⁄Fin KeelLoading...Up to 24 ft with a Fin Keel24 ftUp to 24' w⁄a Fin Keel
205677CDV 36RED 36REDLoading...Cheap Diver, 24 ft to 36 ft w⁄Fin KeelLoading...24 ft to 36 ft with a Fin Keel36 ft24' to 36' w⁄a Fin Keel