SA Series - Single Strainers

Groco:SA Series Raw Water Strainers

1/2" to 3" • Cast Bronze • Secured with Tie Rods
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Sku#Item IDGroco#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceBasket MaterialHeightModelOverall DimensionsPipe SizeRatio Screen Open Area to Pipe SizeRepl 304 SS Basket - New (After 1/1/16)Repl 304 SS Basket - OldRepl Monel Basket - New (After 1/1/16)Repl Monel Basket - OldRepl Poly Basket - New (After 1/1/16)Repl Poly Basket - OldWeightSize
06808GRO SA-500 SA-500Loading...SA-500 Bronze Body Strainer - 1/2" NPT, 7.75" Tall, Monel BasketLoading...Monel7.75"5007.8"H x 4.5"W x 4.0"D1/2" NPT54:1BS-1SS-69BM-1S-69BP-1PS-694.15 lb1/2" NPT Pipe - 7.75" High
06809GRO SA-750 SA-750Loading...SA-750 Bronze Body Strainer - 3/4" NPT, 9.63" Tall, Monel BasketLoading...Monel9.63"7507.8"H X 4.5"W X 4.0"D3/4" NPT36:1BS-2SS-69-ABM-2S-69-ABP-2PS-69-A4.4 lb3/4" NPT Pipe - 9.63" High
06810GRO SA-1000 SA-1000Loading...SA-1000 Bronze Body Strainer - 1" NPT, 10.50" Tall, Monel BasketLoading...Monel10.50"100010.5"H X 5.5"W X 5.0"D1" NPT29:1BS-4SS-76BM-4S-76BP-4PS-766.92 lb1" NPT Pipe - 10.50" High
06811GRO SA-1250 SA-1250Loading...SA-1250 Bronze Body Strainer - 1-1/4" NPT, 12.75" Tall, Monel BasketLoading...Monel12.75"125012.8"H X 5.5"W X 5.0"D1-1/4" NPT25:1BS-5SS-76-ABM-5S-76-ABP-5PS-76-A7.65 lb1-1/4" NPT Pipe - 12.75" High
06812GRO SA-1500 SA-1500Loading...SA-1500 Bronze Body Strainer - 1-1/2" NPT, 13.75" Tall, Monel BasketLoading...Monel13.75"150013.75"H x 6.8"W x 6.3"D1-1/2" NPT20:1BS-6SS-85-GBM-6S-85-GBP-6PS-85-G12.25 lb1-1/2" NPT Pipe - 13.75" High
06813GRO SA-2000 SA-2000Loading...SA-2000 Bronze Body Strainer - 2" NPT, 16.50" Tall, Monel BasketLoading...Monel16.50"200016.5"H X 6.8"W X 6.3"D2" NPT14:1BS-8SS-85-ABM-8S-85-ABP-8PS-85-A16.2 lb2" NPT Pipe - 16.50" High
06814GRO SA-2500 SA-2500Loading...SA-2500 Bronze Body Strainer - 2-1/2" NPT, 18.75" Tall, Monel BasketLoading...Monel18.75"250018.8"H X 7.8"W X 6.3"D2-1/2" NPT11:1BS-11SS-85-BBM-11S-85-BBP-11PS-85-B18.4 lb2-1/2" NPT Pipe - 18.75" High
37577GRO SA-3000 SA-3000Loading...SA-3000 Bronze Body Strainer - 3" NPT, 21.50" Tall, Monel BasketLoading...Monel21.50"300021.5"H X 7.8"W X 6.3"D3" NPT9:1BS-19SS-85-CBM-19S-85-CBP-19PS-85-C21.25 lb3" NPT Pipe - 21.50" High