Tail Piece TP and TPC Series  -  Bronze

Groco:Tail Piece Gaskets

Replacement Neoprene Gaskets for Groco TP and TPC Series Adapters
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Sku#Item IDGroco#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceSizeTypeGasket Size
165465GRO TP-753 TP-753Loading...Gasket for Straight & Curved Tail Pieces - 3/4"Loading...3/4"Gasket for 3/4" Tail PiecesGasket for 3/4" Tail Pieces
165466GRO TP-1503 TP-1503Loading...Gasket for Straight & Curved Tail Pieces - 1-1/2"Loading...1-1/2"Gasket for 1-1/2" Tail PiecesGasket for 1-1/2" Tail Pieces