30033 of Midland Metals Brass Garden Hose End Fitting - Female Swivel

Midland Metals:Garden Hose End Fitting - Female Swivels

Female Swivel with Hose Barb - Brass -
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Sku#Item IDMidland Metals#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceBarb LengthFGHHex DiameterHose IDOverall LengthWeight
446317ACC 30033 30033Loading...Garden Hose Female Swivel - 5/8" Hose x 3/4" FGHLoading...1.19"3/4"1.18"5/8"1.82"0.13 lb
446318ACC 30034 30034Loading...Garden Hose Female Swivel - 3/4" Hose x 3/4" FGHLoading...1.19"3/4"1.18"3/4"1.82"0.15 lb