PropPrep - Metal Wash and Conditioner
PropPrep - Metal Wash and Conditioner
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PropPrep - Metal Wash and Conditioner

Use to Properly Clean Surfaces Prior to the Application of PropSpeed

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PropPrep is a special cleaner and metal conditioner designed to remove grease and other contaminants, as well as to create a chemically conditioned surface prior to coating with PropSpeed.

PropPrep is essential in the chemical preparation of the metal substrate to be coated with PropSpeed.
It contains ingredients that react with the metal creating a porous surface layer. This porous layer is key to ensuring penetration and completion of the self-etching reaction of the PropSpeed primer to the metal substrate.
PropPrep also ensures that no free alkalinity - as a result of any previous soap or detergent washing - is present which would interfere with the self-etching primer reaction and adhesion to the metal substrate.

Surfaces which have been cleaned with PropPrep should be overcoated as soon as possible - preferably within 4 hours.
Just before applying the PropSpeed Etch Primer, solvent wipe the entire surface with PropClean alcohol wipes; see Related Products, below

PropPrep is acidic and should not be used on zinc, cadmium, or magnesium as these metals are especially susceptible to chemical attack by acids.
We recommend wearing gloves, goggles and protective clothing when applying PropPrep.

PropSpeed offers an excellent, extremely thorough PropSpeed Application Guide - which includes all their products.

Heavy on the technical side...

Fouling of underwater running gear is a constant headache for boat owners requiring expensive and time-consuming grinding and sanding to remove marine growth at every haul-out.
The PropSpeed Foul Release System provides an incredibly effective, long-lasting, easy-clean solution to this problem. Creating a super slippery surface, PropSpeed makes it extremely difficult for marine growth to adhere to metal surfaces below the water line. Any marine growth that does form on the PropSpeed coated surface can be easily wiped away with a soft, wet cloth.

By preventing the fouling of propellers, shafts, struts, and rudders, using PropSpeed pays for itself by providing more speed, less fuel usage, and less maintenance and cleaning at haul out.
It works because it's slick, not because it's toxic.

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