Pro-Set Expanding Epoxy Foam - Resin
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Pro-Set Expanding Epoxy Foam - Resin

Part of a Two-Part System • Requires Mixing with Expanding Foam Hardener

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This is one part of a two-part resin/hardener system. The description below applies to the mixed product.
See Related Products, below, for the required hardener.

This is an expand in place foam which, when mixed creates an in-situ closed cell epoxy foam with very uniform cell size.

• Expansion ratio is 3 - 4 times original mixed component volume - will vary depending on the shape of the volume to be filled* If final volume is critical, perform a test first
• Mix Ratio: 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener (by volume)
• Fast cure speed - hardener provides approximately 20 minutes of foaming time at 72°; can be demolded in approximately 2 hours
• Room temperature cure
• Hig performance - will bond to FRP, metals, and low density core materials
• High strength - can be used as a core material or to fill cracks and gaps in concrete
• Optimum properties obtained with a post cure of 160°F for 6 hours
• Shelf life is 12 months for resin and 12 months for hardener if stored with minimal exposure to CO₂ and humidity

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* Mixed components in a tall, narrow container will result in greater expansion and a lower density foam. Mixed components in a wide, shallow container will expand less, producing a denser foam.

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