Turbine Series Diesel Filtration

900MA Series Marine Turbine Diesel Fuel Filter - with Heat Deflector

90 GPH Filter • 2, 10 & 30 Micron Models • UL Listed for Marine Applications
By: Racor

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Racor Turbine Series Fuel Filter/Water Separators have been protecting engines from water, dirt, foulants, and other contaminants for over 30 years using a patented three-stage process.
The Racor Turbine Series is the most complete, most efficient, most reliable engine protection you can install. The legendary Turbine Series is a fixture whenever engines demand the confidence of heavy duty, high capacity water separation and fuel filtration.

With their metal heat deflector, metal drain plug, and blue label, the 900 MA Series Turbines are UL listed Marine Fuel Filters, certified as being able to pass the ABYC 2-1/2 minute flame test.

How they work...
Turbine Series filters protect precision engine components from dirt, rust, algae, asphaltines, varnishes, and especially water, which is prevalent in engine fuels. They remove contaminants from fuel using their reknowned three stage process:

Stage 1 - Separation
As fuel enters the assembly, it moves through the centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets through centrifugal action. These are heavier than fuel, and fall to the bottom of the collection bowl. Although the turbine has no moving parts, over 30% of the contaminants are removed here.

Stage 2 - Coalescing
Small water droplets bead-up on the surface of the specially design conical baffle and cartridge filter. When heavy enough, they too fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.

Stage 3 - Filtration
Proprietary Aquabloc® II water repelling cartridge filters provide near 100% water separation and remove contaminants from fuel down to 2 micron (nominal). Aquabloc II cartridge filters are waterproof and maintain their effectiveness much longer than water absorbing filters.

Turbine filters are designed for installation on the suction (vacuum) side of the fuel transfer pump for best efficiency, but may be installed on the pressure side up to 15 psi.

Filter Element Selection -
High--capacity Aquabloc® replaceable cartridge elements stop water and remove solid contamination and are available in 2, 10 or 30 microns. Boat owners can specify their filtration needs based on application, fuel quality, operating climates and maintenance schedules.
A 30 micron filter (or primary filter) is used to filter raw fuel (or poor quality fuel) before it can be further filtered by finer medias such as a 10 or 2 micron.
A 10 micron filter (or secondary and even final) is used to filter fuel which is known to be of good quality.
A 2 micron filter (or final filter) is the finest filtration available and is the last filter used prior to engine ingestion.
A simple rule to remember is the finer the filtration, the more frequent the filter change. Carry extra filters on board. See Accessory Products, below.

Vacuum Gauges -
One of the most useful accessories for Racor filters is one of their vacuum gauges - which allows you to monitor the condition of the filter element.
With a vacuum gauge you can see whether the filter is getting clogged and determine when it is time to replace the element — rather than just guessing, or changing filters on a set schedule without knowing if it is really necessary.
Vacuum/restriction gauges are typically installed in the plumbing on the outlet (suction) side of the filter or as kits which replace, or substitute for, the T-handle at the top of the filter. See Accessory Products, below.

In-Bowl Water Detection Probes -

All turbine filters may be ordered, or retrofitted, with an in--bowl water probe to alert the operator of a high--water condition, even while the equipment is operating. The bowl is then drained of water at the earliest convenience. This helps prevent already separated water from being inadvertantly drawn into the engine.
Note that while a few probes incorporate an integral water detection module, the most commonly used probe (RK21069) requires the use of one of Racor's Water Detection Module displays.

In-Filter Fuel Heaters -
Optional in-filter heaters are a cold weather starting aid available for Racor turbine filters. The heater has an internal, non-adjustable automatic thermostat that turns heater ON when fuel temperature drops below 50°F (10°C) and turns OFF when fuel reaches 80°F (27°C). Heat is supplied in the filter assembly just below replacement filter to melt wax crystals and allow fuel to pass through the filter for quick, easy starting.

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