FBO-10-MA High Flow Fuel Filter/Water Separator - Marine Series

Up to 1,500 GPH Diesel • Housing Only - Elements Sold Separately
By: Racor

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Racor offers the white, Marine version of the FBO fuel filter/water separator in two sizes. This is the smaller 10#34; tall version with a maximum flow rate of 20 gpm when filtering diesel fuel with a fuel/water separator element — the most common configuration on boats.

FBO-style filters are used as a primary fuel filter/water separators in large diesel applications, as well as on mobile refuelers and vehicle re-fueling pumps.
In engine applications, they are specifically designed as a primary fuel filter/water separators for today's high pressure common rail diesel injection systems.

The FBO-10 assembly has maximum flow rates from 25 gpm (diesel) to 52.5 gpm (gasoline), depending on the element, and type/viscosity of fuel to be filtered.
The large 5.1 oz sump is ideal for applications experiencing high volumes of water in the fuel.

Common applications for FBO-type filters include marine vessels, diesel locomotives, mining trucks, mobile refuelers, fuel dispensing pumps, fuel docks, etc.

These white Marine versions of the FBO-10 filter housing are designed for use on boats. The Marine FBO is UL listed, meets Coast Guard and ABS requirements, and undoubtedly offers benefits for insurance purposes.
Compared to the Industrial (black) version of the FBO the Marine version is white, UL listed, and includes a differential pressure gauge (provides data for when to change the element), a sight glass to check for the presence of water, and a mounting bracket. They are advantageously priced compared to purchasing these components separately.

Three element options are available to meet various requirements:
1) Fuel/water separators (coalescers) are the most commonly used elements - especially for single filter installations - as they both filter particles and contaminants and also separate water from the fuel.
Today's sophisticated diesels are particularly susceptible to damage from water and particulates, so ultra-fine 1 and 5 micron elements are commonly used for this function.
Fuel/water separators are actually dual element filters consisting of both outer and inner elements.
2) Silicone-treated particulate pre-filters (also called microfilters) are single element filters and are most often used in over-the-road, storage tank, agricultural, and mining applications where particulate contamination is of primary concern. They are also used as primary filters to extend the life of other filters further downstream.
3) Water absorber elements also filter particulates. These tend to be specialty items and are most commonly used on farm and fleet fuel dispensing pumps. As they saturate with water, fuel flow is impeded.

Note — Elements and FBO housings are sold separately. See Replacement Products, below, for the required elements.

• Suitable for diesel and biodiesel fuels, gasoline, and kerosene
• Locking ring collar with large hand knobs offers simple element change outs, by one person, without tools
• Marine models are white; industrial models are black
• 1.5" NPT inlet and outlet
• Rated at 150 psi at 240°F; max. working pressure is 75 psi
• Differential pressure gauge on DP and Marine models indicates need for element change out (<2.5 psi diff. = OK; 15 psi diff. = change element)
• Water level sight glass has visible plastic bead float to indicate presence of water
• Manual water drain valve
• Manual vent valve
• Mounting bracket included with Marine models
• Die-cast aluminum head with steel filter bowl assembly
• UL listed
• FBO-10-MA maximum dimensions (w/drain valve open): 22.85"H x 10.7"W x 9.8"D; 26 lb
• Service clearance: 1.13" (drop down)
• Option for water sensor probe: Racor recommends using the steel body probe RK23191-01 with Deutch DT04-3P connector (connector can be cut off if not needed); as most do, these probes require an external detection module and also a #RK18-1656 steel adapter bushing for the bowl; the water sensor replaces the installed sight glass; see Accessory Products, below

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