Metal Bowl Kits for Turbine Filters

Metal Bowl Kits for Turbine Filters

500 & 900/1000 Series • For Replacement or Upgrade
By: Racor

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These kits are replacement metal contamination collection bowls for your marine 500, 900, or 1000 MAM Racor Turbine Series Filter in the unlikely event that your current bowl is somehow damaged or needs replacing.
All-metal collection bowls are more heat resistant than the plastic bowls found on comparable Racor industrail-style turbine filters, and provide a small extra margin of safety in the event of an engine room fire.

Installation of this metal bowl will also allow you to upgrade an existing UL Listed (already has a UL sticker on the filter body) MA Turbine Filter (which has a metal heat shield under the collection bowl) to an MAM-style (full metal bowl) filter — providing your filter has a metal lid, or you add one — to meet American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) fire resistance test requirements; see below for more details.

These metal bowls could also be installed as a safety upgrade on uninspected vessels with older industrial style FG series turbine filters — to provide the added safety of a metal bowl over their original plastic bowls.
Note that without the UL sticker that comes on every MA or MAM marine filter, this conversion is not UL approved, and will not qualify as an upgrade to an MAM metal bowl filter on Coast Guard or ABS inspected vessels.

This kit includes an aluminum metal bowl, bowl gasket, mounting screws, and a metal hex plug for each port.
A petcock valve and hose barb can be retrofitted to the drain port for convenience, if desired.

Heavy on the technical side...
ABS Fire Resistance Test (ISO 19921) - PDA Certification 01-HS175924-5-PDA/LTD (valid 4/26/11 to 4/28/16.
Allows installation of these specific bowls on, or in, ABS classed vessels, MODU and Facilities.

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