Portable Diesel Fuel Polishing Cart

Portable Diesel Fuel Polishing Cart

FBO-14 Filter Rated to 16 GPM Flow Rate • Portable Diesel Fuel Filtration
By: Racor

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Pre-filtration of diesel fuels prior to combustion, during fueling, and after long periods of storage is critical in maintaining modern fuel injection systems. The tight tolerances and higher rail pressures in today's diesel engines require significant attention to fuel cleanliness and quality.

Racor's Portable Diesel Fuel Polishing Cart delivers high efficiency removal of harmful contaminants that impact injector life and compromise engine performance and service life.
It is a cost-effective way to filter diesel and biodiesel in storage or during fuel transfer.
Equipped with 11 ft suction and delivery hoses, the cart is fully portable and self-contained. It is easily moved at the job-site by one person using the built-in wheels and handle.
With an output of 16 gpm (960 gph) and using convenient 110 volt power, this cart has the ability to get the job done fast.

The versatile Portable Diesel Fuel Polishing Cart can be used to polish, clean, or recycle old or contaminated fuel. It can also be used in preventative maintenance practices to keep fuel tanks clean.
In the recreational marine industry, it is particularly useful for polishing fuel left sitting in tanks over the winter.

The operator has several options available for types and micron levels of cartridges used in the FBO-14 filter assembly.
For marine applications, Fisheries recommends the use of Racor's water separator elements - which remove both water and particulates - rather than a plain particulate element.
Testing has shown the FBO 25 micron water separating element is capable of achieving greater than 99.5% single pass particulate removal efficiency.

For most bulk tank polishing/transfer applications a 25 micron element will suffice.
For fuel polishing for diesel engines a 10 micron element would be recommended, with the vessel's fuel system itself using a 5 or even 1 micron filter element.

This fuel polishing cart features the portability, ease of operation, and price to become a valuable tool and add-on service for almost anyone who works on diesel engines.

Product Advantages —
• Easy operation - polishes, cleans, and recycles old or contaminated fuel
• Removes free and emulsified water before putting into service
• Filter new fuel before putting into service - especially from suspect sources
• Transfers fuel from drums or storage tanks to system reservoirs
• Conditions/polishes bulk fuel in storage tanks
• Complements existing system filtration
• Hand truck style cart is portable, maneuverable, and easy for a single operator to use

Product Features —
• Proven FBO-14 filter and water separator with up to 16 gpm flow rate
• Comes standard with 25 micron Aquabloc® filter element (#FBO-60338) that meets or exceeds manufacturers' standards; see Replacement Products, below
• Rugged industrial rated motor and Parker H series long life gear pump
• Dual voltage motor comes standard wired for 110V AC, but can be converted to 220V AC
• All-inclusive — ready to use right out of the box
• Visual indicator tells you when to change element
• Large wheels for easy movement over obstacles
• Drip tray helps keep work area safe and clean
• Tool-less filter change out
• Filter shows differential pressure for filter element change out
• Sight glass and drain valve to detect and remove water
• Dirt and water removal
• Heavy duty steel frame
• 11 foot nitrile suction and delivery hoses with PVC dipstick/wand assemblies

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