Water Detection Module Kit - 12V 1-Light Under-Dash w⁄Buzzer

12V Water Detection Module Kit - Probe + Under-Dash Mount with Buzzer & Light

RK 12870 • Buzzer Has No Mute Function • Water Sensor Probe Included
By: Racor

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Water sensor probes can be installed in diesel fuel filter bowls to alert you when water has accumulated in the bowl and it is time to drain.
This kit includes a probe and an under-dash dectection module with both a "Drasin" light and an audible buzzer alarm.

Unlike Racor's other detection modules, the RK 12870 is designed for the easily distracted captain - it has no alarm mute function. The light illuminates, and the buzzer sounds until you drain the water from the filter bowl (with the engine off).

• Can be used with any Racor filter
• Includes RK 21069 probe, alarm panel with wire harness, various wire splicers for user supplied connecting wires
• Red DRAIN lamp (only) illuminates continuously when water is detected (no green "power available" indicator light)
• Buzzer sounds continuously when water is detected
• Automatically resets when water is drained
• Does not include self-diagnostics or circuit protection
• Do not use in gasoline applications - explosion hazard

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