53101 Macerator Pump with Integral Waste Valve
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53101 Macerator Pump with Integral Waste Valve

Special Valve Means No Mess Maintenance
By: Raritan

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Raritan's model 53101 Macerator Pump has a really cool feature that allows removing the pump without emptying the tank or disconnecting hoses.
Simply shut off the wastewater valve to isolate the pump from the tank. If you've ever replaced the impeller in one of these things, you know what a plus this feature is.

The 53101 pump is designed to empty marine and RV holding tanks of normal waste, and fish boxes of scales and residual waste. The unique dual-cut chopper blade design ensures waste is ground up thoroughly.

Easier to install, the intake has a 1-1/2" female NPT thread for direct connection to your waste system plumbing using a barbed fitting for hose.
Discharge is a 1" quick disconnect type. The pump is supplied with both a male NPT and a barbed fitting.

Remove the pump for maintenance without disconnecting any hoses!
The Waste Valve Assembly on the head of the pump allows you to flip a lever on the pump head, undo two screws... and the valve and attached hose connected to the holding tank simply slip off the pump with no spillage. See the illustration image.
With a user supplied valve installed in the outlet line, right at the pump, the quick-connect discharge port can be slipped out with virtually no spillage.

A proprietary wax impregnated, nitrile rubber impeller compound allows longer unintended dry running time than the competition
To minimize shaft seal leakage that plague other macerator pumps, the 53101 uses a Viton® lip seal secured with a 316 stainless steel spring on the motor shaft. Viton® is a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer with a well-known reputation for its ability to withstand high temperatures from friction as well as outstanding chemical resistance.
• All stainless steel bolts and epoxy coated motor to avoid corrosion problems
• Heavy duty chopper blades
• Spring loaded Viton shaft seal is used to prevent leaks
• Self-priming to 4 ft (5 ft with wet impeller)
• Self-priming to 4 ft (5 ft with wet impeller)
• Flexible rubber isolation mounting feet lessen vibration noise

The optional Smart Macerator Control monitors the pump motor and prevents pump damage due to priming failure, dry running, or overload.
All macerator pumps have a known problem of the impeller sticking in the housing when they sit unused for a long period. The Smart Control can be set to prevent this problem by jogging the impeller once every seven days. See Related Products, below.

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