ST1000 Plus Tiller AutoPilot

ST1000 Plus & ST2000 Plus Tiller AutoPilots

Advanced Tiller Pilot for Sailing Vessels Up to 10,000 Pounds Displacement

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Raymarine ST1000 Plus and ST2000 Plus tiller pilots are totally self-contained autopilots designed for tiller steered sailboats.
The difference between the two models is only the size vessel they can handle.
The autopilot is mounted between the tiller and a single attachment point on the boat’s structure.
It is designed for owner installation and is ready for use after connection to the boat’s 12 volt electrical system.

An AutoTack function lets you handle the sheets, while the pilot tacks the boat, and AutoSeastate intelligently keeps the boat on course while conserving power.
Whether used as a stand-alone pilot or with a SeaTalk/NMEA GPS, the clear, backlit LCD and 6-button keypad make these pilots safe and easy to use.

These tiller pilots have four basic operating modes:
• Standby mode: autopilot off
• Auto mode: autopilot engaged and locked onto a heading
• Track mode: autopilot on and maintaining a track between two waypoints created on a navigation system
• WindTrim mode: autopilot on and maintaining a course relative to an apparent wind angle

These tiller pilots are SeaTalk compatible, so they can share data transmitted from other Raymarine SeaTalk instruments:
• Wind information from a wind instrument can be used for wind vane steering without the need to install a separate vane
• Ttrack information, from a navigator, enables the autopilot to provide waypoint control
• Boat speed from a speed instrument can provide optimum track keeping performance
• SeaTalk compatibility also allows additional fixed and hand-held autopilot control units to be easily connected at secondary steering and control positions
• These tiller pilots can also be used with any navigator transmitting NMEA 0183 or NMEA 0180 data. The tiller pilot can be calibrated to suit each installation to provide maximum performance with many types of boat.
• These pilots are reversible, for port or starboard mounting
• 1-3/4" (45 mm) segmented LCD display: Heading, Locked Course, Navigation Information
• Three levels of display lighting, plus Off
• Both coarse and fine course change controls
• NMEA 0183 input SeaTalk connection

Should you require a tiller pilot for a higher displacement vessel, the Raymarine SPX-5 GP is recommended for vessels displacing up to 16,000 lb. See Related Products, below.
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