6W Mini Fluorescent Tube - 5/8" x 9"

6W Mini Fluorescent Tube - 5/8" x 9"

T5/T16 Diameter • G5 Miniature Bi-Pin Base

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Replacement fluorescent bulb.
F6T5CW = Fluorescent, 6 Watts, Tubular, 5 eighths inch diameter, Cool White (∼4100 K)
Note that in metric designations, T16 (16 mm diameter) is equivalent to T5 (5/8" diameter).
Fluorescent tube dimensions provided can be nominal, and may vary slightly within standardized min/max specifications.
• Nominal mean lumens = 235
• Color rendering index = 60
Fluorescent bulbs have no voltage designation as the input voltage is determined by the ballast in the fixture in which they are used. So the fixture determines what bulb can be used, and the same bulb may be used with more than one input voltage.

Heavy on the technical side...

Fluorescent tubes have no voltage designation.
While incandescent and halogen bulbs must be used with specific voltages, fluorescent tubes are voltage independent.
It is the ballast (a transformer and current limiter) built into each fluorescent fixture which determines the voltage that fixture can be used with.
The fluorescent tube, itself, can be used with any voltage — and your choice of tube is only dependent on matching the bulb socket, the length of the tube, and the ballast specifications.

The exception to this is screw-base compact fluorescent bulbs designed to fit in regular line voltage (domestic) lighting fixtures. In these bulbs, the (voltage specific) ballast is actually built right into the base of the bulb - allowing them to be used in any fixture with a medium screw base socket - as long as the voltage matches that specified on the bulb.

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