Shipping & Returns Policies

How to Order


Items you may purchase can be found numerous ways: 'Shop by Department', 'Shop by Brand' and Product Search. Shopping by department allows you to browse through our products by categories such as 'Paint' or 'Deck Hardware'. 'Shop by Brand' allows you to browse through our products by a specific manufacturer. On each product page you will need to specify the quantity and add them to your cart.


After each item is added to your cart you will be taken to your cart to confirm that the items and quantities are correct and available. Please take the time to double check your order (especially the back-ordered items). Any items can be easily removed or edited at this time.


When you have finished shopping, click on your cart (located at the top-right of any page). Check the items in your cart one last time then click 'Checkout'. From here you will be taken through a progression of steps shown at the top of the page. Next you will select a shipping address or add a new one, select a shipping method, then enter payment information. After all the steps are completed a confirmation screen will appear that shows your complete order, shipping and payment information; this is the last time you can edit this information before the order is placed.

Order Complete

Your order has been placed when you get an order number. If for some reason you do not immediately receive an order number one with be emailed to you as soon as your order is successfully placed.

Quick Order

What is a Quick Order?

Quick order is a very quick way to order items without having to find the item. To use Quick Order you simply enter Fisheries Item No. or a Manufacturer's part number and we match the number you enter to the number we have in our files. A small description is given for confirmation of correctness but no picture or other information is given. This tool is useful only if you do not need any product information to make a selection.

Should I use Quick Order?

To use Quick order you need to have the Fisheries Item No. or a Manufacturer's part number (that can be found in Fisheries Supply Catalog or Price Book). If you do not know any of these numbers or need product information such as size to make your selection then Quick Order is not for you. But if you have these numbers and quickly want to add then to your cart then you should use quick order.

What is a Fisheries Supply Item Number?

The Fisheries Supply Item Number is our unique number often referred to as "Order Number" in our catalog and as "Sku#" in our Price Book and invoices.

What is a Manufacturer Part Number?

The Manufacturer Part Number is a part number that the manufacturer assigns the product. For example, Sea-Dog Open Base Cleat has a manufacturer part number of 041604-1. In our catalog the manufacturer's part number is the second column next to the Order#. In Fisheries Supply Price Book it is the first column called "Mfg/Part#". On your invoices it is the second column called "Part Number".

Free Shipping on online orders over $99*

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Shipping & Payment

If your order is not back ordered then your order will ship within 48 hours of placing the order during our regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5 PM PST). If you have questions about when you will receive your order please feel free to contact a Fisheries Supply representative.

Return Policy

A prior return authorization is required and defective merchandise is subject to factory acceptance before we can issue credit or replacement.

Tracking Return or Exchanges

There are two ways to track a return: One, look in the 'Order History' on your account, a return will be called a 'credit memo' and can be viewed to confirm it is the correct item. Second, you can call a Fisheries Supply Representative and ask for the Warranty and Returns Department.