Automatic Outboard Engine Flushing System - Up to 300 HP

Automatic Outboard Engine Flushing System - Up to 300 HP

#35-38xx Series For Vessels with Multiple Outboard Engines Up to 300 HP • Automatically Switches to the Next Engine When the Previous Engine Has Been Flushed
By: Reverso

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The Automatic Outboard Flushing System is designed to be permanently installed on vessels with multiple outboard engines. Each engine can require 7-1/2 to 15 minutes of flushing, and the Reverso Engine Flushing Systems automates this process, and then shuts off when completed.
This 35-38xx Series of the Automatic Flushing System is for Outboard Engines up to 300 horsepower.
For engines over 300 horsepower, the 35-420x Series is available. See Related Products, below.
The system is so simple - utilizing just a single water source hose connection and a single push-button control to initiate flushing - that the engine flushing recommended by manufacturers before putting the boat away is never a hassle..

To flush more than one motor at a time, simply connect a garden hose to the flushing system, press the start button, and the unit will flush the first engine for a pre-set time (7-1/2 or 15 minutes) based on the manufacturer’s requirements.
After the first engine is flushed, the system automatically switches to the next engine and will shutdown once all engines are complete. The water source hose can then be disconnected.
Flushing can be stopped at any time during the sequence.

The Automatic Outboard Flushing System can be installed at the OEM level, or as a retro fit.
Mounted on a bulkhead or in a transom locker, the system is permanently plumbed to each engine through the engine’s wiring loom.
• Flushes saltwater from outboard engines for storage or anti-corrosion maintenance
• Designed for permanent installation in a cockpit or transom locker with dedicated hoses to each engine's flushing port
• Eliminates having to connect and disconnect hoses to each engine, as in manual flushing
• Eliminates hose wrangling and boat climbing
• Works with boat in or out of the water
• Flushes each engine for a pre-set time 7-1/2 or 15 minutes (per manufacturer specs)
• Automatically switches to the next engine untill all have been flushed
• Unit has a check valve for for each engine connection
• Flushing water source via standard 3/4" garden hose
• Models available for up to 5 engines in 12 and in 24 volts
• Compact size
• Mounts in any position except upside down (label upside down with outboard ports pointing up)

The included 3 ft inlet hose kit with hose cap allows bringing the garden hose connection to a convenient location. Optional Inlet Hose Kits in lengths from 2 to 9 ft are available for more customized installations. (Part number series 35-3951-xx.)
Remote switch kits are available as an option to bring flushing operation control to the cockpit or other location. (Part number series 35-3950-xx.)
Additionally, quick-connect deck fitting kits are available so you only need to bring the supply hose to the deck fitting, and not all the way to the flushing unit. Cosmetic switch and deck fitting mounting plates are also available. Please refer to the literature cited below, or inquire at 800-426-6930.

Click here for additional information about this product, and here to see the Installation Manual.

You can also read this overview article about the Auto Flush System from the August 2015 issue of Soundings Trade Only magazine.

Watch an informative 2 minute video demonstrating the Reverso Automatic Engine Flusher.

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