Marine SR-M2 Single Row Mini2 LED Light with Driving Optics
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Marine SR-M2 Single Row Mini2 LED Light with Driving Optics

Small, Versatile, Powerful • Smaller Optics/More LEDs

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SR-M (Single Row - Mini) LED lights are one of the smallest, most versatile, yet powerful lighting products on the market. These compact lights can be used for virtually any lighting application - from off-road, to marine, to agriculture, to mountain bikes. The size and shape of the SR-M LED Light allows it to fit almost anywhere. Its cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens are sealed against the elements for years of trouble-free operation.

Designated by the "2", superior engineering takes this SR-M2 light to the next level by incorporating Rigid Industries' Specter Optics system - which features 50% more LEDs in the same footprint than their Hybrid optics, and is specifically designed to cover more area.
By incorporating a patented parabolic reflector with no facets or orange peel, the Specter optics system produces an intense, smooth beam with minimal wasted light.

• Patented specter optics
• 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
• Instant on/off - no warm up
• RoHS Compliant
• Over/under voltage protection
• Cast aluminum housing
• Durable polycarbonate lens
• Integrated thermal managament
• GORE Pressure Equalizing Vent
• Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA

Why buy a Rigid LED light instead of a less expensive import product?
Pick up a Rigid LED Light and you'll immediately see and feel the quality of this made in the USA product - even before you turn it on.
• If you ever have a problem or question about your Rigid light, your phone call will be answered by a live person located in Arizona — not a message machine at a company in Asia with an international phone number.
• Rigid uses their own extremely efficient patented optics which capture 93% of the light from the LED. Cheap imports use non-specific, "off the shelf" optical components which can have efficiencies as low as 30%.
• LED quality - Rigid only buys the best Cree LEDs with exacting brightness and color "bin" specifications to meet their (and your) needs. These LEDs are expensive. Knock-off "Cree" LEDs have been measured with as little as half of the specified brightness, and with large color variations as well. LEDs are the heart of the system; it simply doesn't pay to skimp here.
• Rigid uses custom designed aluminum circuit boards, heat sinks, and housings to conduct life-reducing heat away from the LEDs. Imports use fiberglass circuit boards - which saves them money, but shortens the life of the light.
• Rigid has a $1 million facility just for testing to ensure that all their products are waterproof, and do what they say they will. Import manufacturers don't specify how they get their specifications - many of which don't measure up when actually tested.
• Rigid applies a durable UV polyester powder coat to their lights; imports use an aluminum "paint" or inferior powder coating. Rigid uses strong, corrosion resistant, stainless steel mounting hardware, instead of aluminum, like the imports.

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