stainless steel anchor
Dimensions of Rocna Anchors Rocna Anchor - Stainless Steel
stainless steel anchor

Rocna Anchor - Stainless Steel

Superior New Generation Roll-Bar/Scoop Design

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These are the beautiful, mirror polished, all stainless steel versions of the Rocna anchor.
No matter how it hits the bottom, the Rocna anchor always attains its correct setting attitude for quick seabed penetration.
Independent tests by publications such as Cruising World, Practical Sailor, and SAIL (10/06) show that the new-generation roll-bar/scoop style Rocna anchor consistently outperforms more traditional anchor designs in a variety of seabeds.

All of the Rocna's weight is efficiently used in structural strength and extra blade area - rather than a dedicated tip weight - so it offers better anchoring security with less weight.
When you handle this anchor, you will appreciate Rocna's quality workmanship and attention to detail - such as chamfering the edges of the shank for aesthetics and ease of handling.

• Superior holding power - large scoop-like blade outperforms equivalent weight plow, claw, or even some Danforth types in soft sand or mud
• Roll-bar ensures that the anchor will turn itself to the correct attitude for setting, every time; skid-rails then correctly angle the tip for reliable setting - even in soft seabeds
• Instant setting - typically within three feet
• Rapidly buries in most seabeds
• Large surface area concave blade generates superior holding power
• Sharp, chisel-like tip easily penetrates weed, grass, and kelp
• Roll-stable - optimized geometry means the Rocna remains embedded, and does not roll out with changes in the direction of pull
• Self-launches and locks home on most bow rollers, preventing movement at sea
• Slotted attachment point allows the head of a shackle to pass - so the maximum size shackle that will fit the chain can be attached directly to the anchor
• Attachment holes are positioned for a buoyed retrieval line or tandem anchor, if required
• Tempered 800 mPa high tensile steel virtually eliminates deformation
• No moving parts - eliminates potential failure points and hazards to the crew
• Mirror polished stainless steel finish
• RINA certified for Super High Holding Power (SHHP) for full range of anchors
• Lifetime warranty against breakage or deformation

Selecting a Rocna anchor
To select the proper size Rocna anchor for your boat, mouse over the sizing chart image to the left, then click on the upper image to permanently enlarge it.

Note that to get the best fit your vessel's length and displacement are used to determine the anchor size:
Find your vessel’s overall length in the column on the left, then track across that row toward the right until you find the first column with a displacement (in pounds) the same or larger than the displacement of your vessel.
Track upward to the top of that column for the recommended Rocna anchor size.
The rows at the bottom of the chart give equivalent anchor weights in pounds and kilograms, recommended chain sizes, and fluke areas.
If in doubt about the proper size, give preference to the larger anchor model. Relatively high displacement or high windage vessels should choose a larger anchor, while a smaller anchor may be appropriate for especially light displacement boats.
Multi-hulls, with their very high windage, should size as though for a monohull, then choose an anchor one size larger.

The Rocna sizing chart is conservative. Unlike other manufacturers, Rocna sizing recommendations are intended to provide an anchor adequate for use in most all conditions. Calculations are based on 50 knots of wind, associated surge, and soft, moderate holding bottom conditions into which the anchor has set. Adequate scope is assumed. These recommendations provide holding power in excess of that typicallly recommended by other manufacturers...but you will sleep better at night.

As always, note that this chart is a guideline only, and if you have questions, or would like further information, please call us at 800-426-6930.

Note: Rocna does not provide anchor size recommendations for boats larger than those for which the 110 kg anchor would be the recommended size.
This is because of increasing complexities in the factors involved.
Furthermore, classification society rules, and/or legal requirements, are likely to dictate the anchor sizes mandated for these vessels. Please call us if you need more information at 800-426-6930.

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