Duralac Anti-Corrosion Jointing Compound

Duralac Anti-Corrosion Jointing Compound

Barium Chromate Paste - Protects Against Corrosion In Metal Joints
By: Duralac

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Duralac is an anti-corrosive jointing compound for use between joints of dissimilar metals. It is in the form of a tough, flexible, yellow paste with low moisture permeability, and contains barium chromate in an inert filler matrix. The barium chromate is only very slightly soluble in water, so it remains in the joint, even in the presence of a considerable flow of water. It has a long useful life because it only becomes active in the presence of conditions which promote corrosion.
• Indispensable for the effective sealing of joints between dissimilar metals --- even very active magnesium alloys
• Effective at preventing corrosion at stress contact points in similar metals, such as rivets in masts
• Protects metals in contact with non-metallic materials such as wood, resins, rubber, etc.
• Especially useful in saltwater environments which exacerbate corrosive processes
• Conforms to specification DTD 369B

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