Salt-Away Light-Use Spray

Removes Salt Deposits •• Inhibits Rusting and Corrosion • Ready-to-Use

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Better than water - spray it on and it removes salt stains and deposits; with this "Light Use" formulation, rinsing is not necessary.
This 4 fl oz (118 ml) spray bottle contains a mild, ready-to-use Salt-Away formula designed for use on small items, and on items that may require a gentler application of pressure.
Use it on sailboat blocks, hand tools, hardware, fishing rods and reels, diving equipment, binoculars, shoes and sneakers, printed circuit boards, electrical switches, gauges and meters, electrical connections, vehicle door keyholes, ball bearings, etc.

Salt-Away helps prevent rust and corrosion by dissolving and suspending salt deposits, then leaving a protective rust inhibiting film.
Chemically formulated to rinse clean and not leave residual salt spots.

• Safe for all surfaces - metals, paint, gelcoat, nylon, vinyl, glass, wood, leather, rubber, canvas, impellers, seals...
• Regular use leaves a coating that prevents corrosion and future salt build-up
• 100% non-hazardous, non-toxic, bio-degradable - safe to use near plants, fish, pets, children
• Water-based, contains no petroleum components or solvents
• Will not remove previously applied protective coatings, lubricants, or inhibitors such as Boeshield or WD-40

Click here for instructions for using Salt-Away for engine flushing (page 1) and also as an exterior wash (page 2) on boats, trailers, personal watercraft, dive gear, fisihing gear, etc.

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