Samson Rope

When you demand the ultimate in high-performance sailing lines, Samson Rope delivers unsurpassed quality. Lightweight, low stretch, and made to last – Samson is the choice of champions. Whether it’s a simple pre-made dock line or the super high-strength amsteel blue line – when you buy Samson, you get the technology, manufacturing excellence, service and experience that comprise the “Samson Advantage”. Shop our Samson rope splicing products and wide variety of quality Samson running rigging lines today!  For help on choosing the right line, visit our Samson Running Rigging Selection Guide.

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Samson Running Rigging

Samson Anchor Lines

Samson Dock Lines

Samson General Cordage

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Ready-to-Use Double Braid Nylon Anchor Lines

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Spool, Shield, and Shackle

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