SCH 35-13 BOOM VANG 4.1 2250# SWL
Boom Vang Kits
SCH 35-13 BOOM VANG 4.1 2250# SWL
SCH 35-03 BOOM VANG 4.1 1750# SWL

Boom Vang Kits

An Important Performance and Safety Device

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Boom vangs attach between the base of the mast and the underside of the boom. They are primarily used to control the leech of the mainsail by restraining the boom from rising when sailing. This helps eliminate excessive sail twist which would slow the boat, and also cause an increased tendency to roll in waves.

The strong, investment cast snap shackles of the Schaefer boom vangs allow them to be quickly and easily moved from the base of the mast to the deck or toe rail for use as a preventer.
A must on any boat, large or small, a preventer helps keep the boom from unexpectedly, and dangerously, swinging back into the center of the boat in light air. In heavy air, preventers help avoid accidental gybes, which can threaten the entire rig and injure crew members.

Each vang includes 40 feet of 3/8" line.
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