1201 Black Box Digital Voltage Controller
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1201 Black Box Digital Voltage Controller

Maximize Your Downrigger's Fishing Potential • Catch More Fish!
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The Black Box voltage controller provides a means to regulate the naturally occurring electric field that surrounds all boats to make it more attractive to fish.

It has been proven that many species of fish have a strong sensitivity to electrical energy in the water.
Many species use electric signals to communicate, some repel predators, and others use electric fields to navigate.
Salmon, trout, and sharks, among others, are attracted to a positive charge and repelled by a negative charge. By maintaining a steady and appropriate positive charge on your downrigger wire, it is possible to attract fish and keep them interested in your lures. The Black Box does this in both salt and fresh water.

Includes Black Box, instruction manual, and two (2) stainless steel Contact Sleeves with 20 ft leads for connecting to two downriggers.

Heavy on the technical side...

Galvanic action, generated by metal components in your boat - particularly metal hulls, thru-hulls, and sacrificial anodes - causes electricity to flow from your boat to your downrigger cable. This creates an electrical field around your boat.

The Black Box controls the voltage on the cable, maintaining the productive fishing range of positive 0.1V to 0.9V DC on up to six downriggers. The dial can be tuned to the desired level to suit your target fish. (The ideal voltage varies among various species, and is documented in the included instruction manual.)
The Black Box can be operated in the continuous voltage mode, or the “pulsing mode” that cycles the charge on and off every 5 seconds - often triggering a strike.

The Black Box is most effective when connected to all the downriggers on the boat, providing a uniform positive charge around the hull. Up to 6 downriggers can be connected to one Black Box.

A shorter drop back leader length is recommended in order to keep the lure within the electric field. Longer drop back leader lengths tend to put the lure into the weaker part of the field. Leaders of 10 - 20 feet work well.

Click here for additional background information and theory, as well as installation and technical data about this product.

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