Bi-Directional Manual Discharge Cable Assembly
Bi-Directional Manual Discharge Cable Assembly

Bi-Directional Manual Discharge Cable Assembly

For Sea-Fire NFD & NFG Automatic/Manual (M) Extinguishers

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These Bi-Directional Discharge Cables are for use with the Automatic/Manual discharge versions of NFD & NFG extinguishers.
These are extinguishers which use the Novec 1230 extinguishing agent, and have a head designed for these cables.
Automatic/Manual (M) models of Sea-Fire pre-engineered (fixed mount) fire extinguishers require a discharge cable to activate the manual discharge function of the extinguishing system.
[Lacking the manual discharge option, Automatic (A) models cannot use these cables.] These bi-directional cables happen to be a great solution in situations where a manual activation cable must enter the protected compartment on the "wrong" side of the extinguisher head.
Previously, this situation would require a big loop of cable to reach the side of the extinguisher with the discharge mechanism.
With a bi-directional cable, the cable can be routed directly to the extinguisher, and still attach to the manual discharge mechanism.
They are particularly well suited for applications where there are two widely spaced helm stations, such as a catamaran, or a fishing boat with tuna tower, where the cables may enter from opposite sides of the compartment.

These pull cables terminate in a helm-mounted (or other location) T-handle in a labeled panel.

• Discharge cables are available in 1 ft (30cm) increments from 6 ft (1.83m) up to 75 ft (22.9m).
• Cable assembly kit includes: pull handle, escutcheon plate, cable, safety pin, security tie, and instructions

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