FD Series - Automatic Fire Extinguishers

FD Automatic Fire Extinguisher

150-1,000 Cu Ft • FM-200 Agent

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The FD Series of pre-engineered/fixed fire extinguishers are factory rechargeable, and utilize FM-200 — a "clean" extinguishing agent.
FM-200 is a Halon replacement, and is safe for use around people and sensitive equipment, as well as in engine spaces.

Two models of FD extinguishers are available: automatic only (A models), and automatic with the option of manual discharge (M models).
These are the Automatic Only (A) models.

As "pre-engineered" systems, FD extinguishers are permanently mounted in a selected enclosed space - such as an engine room.
They are designed to produce a certain concentration of extinguishing agent (8.7%) in the volume specified on the extinguisher.
Full discharge occurs within 6 to 10 seconds for rapid extinguishment and minimal fire damage.
FD systems are suitable for use from 20°F (-7°C) to 130°F (54°C).

• Ideal for fire protection in enclosed areas onboard, such as electrical control rooms, machinery, engine and generator compartments, paint lockers and lazarettes
• Automatic (heat actuated) discharge
• FM-200® agent is non-toxic and non-corrosive, as well as non-ozone depleting
• Clean, gaseous agent leaves no messy foam or powder residue behind, so sensitive electronics, radar equipment, and engines can be fully operational following use
• For use in any space; factory rechargeable
• Diesel powered craft must also install an automatic engine shutdown system, or the extinguisher may not extinguish the fire
• Includes: pressure gauge, mounting bracket, discharge/low pressure indicator light in a mounting bezel, installation, operation, and maintenance manual
• Compliant with National Fire Protection Association requirements; U.S. EPA accepted Halon alternative
• FM-200 agent is also marketed as HFC-227ea and FE-227™
• 3-year warranty

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