FT “Stinger” Series - Automatic Fire Extinguishers

FT Stinger Automatic Fire Extinguisher

25-150 Cu Ft • FM-200 Agent

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A unique, fixed mount, self-contained, automatic extinguisher that is ideal for small enclosures, where flammable liquids are a likely fire source.
Applications include boats, recreational vehicles, commercial and industrial spaces, and electrical vaults.

Stinger automatic systems are designed for ease of installation.
They are pre-engineered for use in spaces with the volumes specified.
Stingers require no external power, so they are not sensitive to power failure or shut downs.

Stingers utilize the FM-200 "clean" extinguishing agent, which is safe for people and sensitive electronics and can be used in occupied spaces, as well as engine compartments. (FM-200 agent is also marketed as HFC-227ea and FE-227™.)
This direct low-pressure system utilizes the tubing as both the detecting device and agent delivery system.
When temperatures rise above 175°F, the portion of the tubing nearest the hottest part of the flame will rupture forming a mini discharge nozzle.
Agent is released via this small nozzle, and the system continues to discharge until the entire contents is expended.

• Can be used in any space — FM-200® agent is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and leaves no residue
• Ideal for fire protection in enclosed areas onboard, such as electrical control rooms, machinery, engine and generator compartments, paint lockers and lazarettes
• Includes pressure gauge
• Compliant with National Fire Protection Association requirements; U.S. EPA accepted Halon alternative; CE/PED and USCG approved

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