NFG Manual/Automatic Fire Extinguisher - Novec Agent
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NFG Manual/Automatic Fire Extinguisher - Novec Agent

25-200 Cu Ft • Greenhouse Gas Safe • Non-Refillable

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These are fixed mount, automatic or manually activated fire extinguishers that use the environmentally friendly Novec 1230 fire supressant.
The cutting edge Novec 1230 extinguishing agent is occupant safe, ozone safe, produces no greenhouse gases, and will not damage equipment.
This supressant represents an advance over other suppressant agents which, although occupant safe, still produce deleterious greenhouse gases.

These NFG Automatic Extinguishers function automatically when the pre-set temperature is reached.
They can, however, be activated manually via a Manual Discharge Cable - sold separately; see Related Products, below..

The NFG Series extinguishers are non-refillable; for comparable refillable models choose the SeaFire NFD Series, see Related Products, below

These systems are designed to protect enclosed compartments of a specified volume.
They are pre-engineered to produce the required supressant concentration of 5.85%
To select the proper system —
Determine the volume of the compartment in cubic feet (measure length x width x height.
Allow for hull curvature, but
do not allow for any machinery or equipment, such as engines.
Select the model of extinguisher that meets, or exceeds, the calculated volume of the compartment.

• Applications include electrical control room, machinery compartment, engine compartment, generator area, paint locker, lazarette
• Ready to install — comes complete with extinguisher, marine approved brackets, faceplate, and installation manual
• All NFG models can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
• Note — Diesel operated machinery will be required to install an Engine Shutdown system to ensure the extinguisher functions properly; see Related Products, below
• Includes a Bi-Directional Cable Release Bracket
• Certifications — USCG, MCA, FM
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393218FIR 502-011 502-011Loading...FIR 502-011 NFG 25 M MAN/AUTO EXTINGUISHER DOT/TC/CELoading...
393219FIR 502-059 502-059Loading...FIR 502-059 NFG 50 M MAN/AUTO EXTINGUISHER DOT/TC/CELoading...
393220FIR 502-107 502-107Loading...FIR 502-107 NFG 75 M MAN/AUTO EXTINGUISHER DOT/TC/CELoading...
393221FIR 502-155 502-155Loading...FIR 502-155 NFG100 M MAN/AUTO EXTINGUISHER DOT/TC/CELoading...
393222FIR 502-203 502-203Loading...FIR 502-203 NFG125 M MAN/AUTO EXTINGUISHER DOT/TC/CELoading...
393223FIR 502-251 502-251Loading...FIR 502-251 NFG150 M MAN/AUTO EXTINGUISHER DOT/TC/CELoading...
393224FIR 502-299 502-299Loading...FIR 502-299 NFG175 M MAN/AUTO EXTINGUISHER DOT/TC/CELoading...
393225FIR 502-347 502-347Loading...FIR 502-347 NFG200 M MAN/AUTO EXTINGUISHER DOT/TC/CELoading...
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