Barnacle Blocker Aerosol Spray 505A
Barnacle Blocker Aerosol Spray 505A

Barnacle Blocker Aerosol Spray 505A

The Alternative to Zinc Spray for Underwater Gear • Underwater Anti-Corrosive Metal Primer

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Barnacle Blocker is a zinc-free aerosol spray formulated for use on underwater metals including steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel, lead, and aluminum.
Barnacle Blocker is a self-cleaning anti-corrosive primer that provides an excellent barrier on underwater metal surfaces, reducing galvanic corrosion.

• Helps inhibit marine growth on underwatwer metals
• Underwater metal primer
• Zinc free - environmentally friendly
• Aluminum safe
• Helps prevent galvanic corrosion
• Dries in 1 hour at 75°F; 24 hours to launch
• May be overcoated with Smart Solution or Mission Bay Antifoulants for improved protection
• Cleanup - use Sea Hawk 2033
• Theoretical coverage - One can covers approximately 12 square feet; apply 2-3 coats and allow proper dry times (see below)

Heavy on the technical side...
This product should be applied in 2 - 3 thin coats of several short passes each.
After each coat, wait the specified drying time before applying the next coat. (Drying time depends on temperature - see can label.)
After the final coat has been applied, wait the specified time (at least overnight) for the product to cure before re-launching.

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