Silver Bullet - Freshwater Racing Finish

Silver Bullet - Freshwater Low Drag Racing Finish

Friction Reducing Release Coating

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Only recommended for use in freshwater. Silver Bullet contains PTFE (the ingredient in Teflon®) and provides an immediate super slippery, super-smooth, racing finish for power or sail boats.

It can be applied to epoxy primed wood or bare fiberglass, similar friction-reducing coatings form other brands, as well as hard antifouling coatings (sand first, and check for compatibility). Soft antifouling coatings must generally be removed before application. May be used on steel or aluminum hulls, with proper anti-corrosive priming; use Sea Hawk S-765, and follow with Tuff Stuff Epoxy Primer for steel hulls.
See Technical Data Sheet,or call us for details.

• PTFE friction reducing racing finish with moderate (zinc) antifouling properties appropriate for freshwater
• Bright colors; easily cleaned in or out of the water
• Compatible with Interlux VC 17m and Pettit SR-21 Teflon® antifoulings
• When applying multiple coats, no sanding is required between coats
• Application: brush, solvent resistant foam roller (do not use a nap roller), airless or spray
• Thinner for brush or spray: Sea Hawk 7105; use 7100 for siphon cup spraying
• Clean up with 7105 or isopropyl alcohol
• Theoretical coverage is 340 ft²/gallon (85 ft²/qt); 2 to 3 coats for the first season, 1 to 2 coats per season afterwards; 20.5% solids (vol.)

Heavy on the technical side...
Silver Bullet is a two-part paint system which must be mixed prior to use. It comes with a bag of zinc dust under the cap.

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