Smart Solution Antifoulling Paint

Smart Solution Ablative Antifouling Paint

Copper Free & Metal-Free • Environmentally Friendly • Single Season

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Smart Solution is the next generation in antifouling technology and is engineered to be an effective, environmentally friendly, antifoulant.
Smart Solution provides equivalent performance to traditional single season antifoulants, but utilizes the next generation biocide completely metal-free Econea®. Econea is completely metal free and provides protection against hard-shelled fouling - like mussels and barnacles. Released Econea quickly degrades in the water column, with no bioaccumulation.

When launched, the paint coating chemically reacts with salt water to create a slick film that acts as a defense against the attachment of hard-shell larvae - even when the boat is not in motion. This slick film also allows any soft growth to be easily cleaned off with a hose or gentle underwater scrubbing.

• Ablative/self-polishing co-polymer technology slowly wears away with use
• No harmful bioaccumulation in environment
• Econea biocide 2.9%
• Slick film increases boat speed in water
• Compatible with most antifoulants
• Metal-free bottom paint - can be used on properly primed aluminum and steel hulls
• Application: brush, 3/8" nap solvent-resistant roller, airless or conventional spray
• Thinner: Seahawk 2033, 2035 Thinner
• Theoretical coverage is 288 ft²/gallon; 3 coats recommended; 63% solids (vol.)

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