Max-Prop Anodes - Zinc

Max-Prop Anodes - Zinc

Unique Improved Design

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Sea Shield has re-invented the Max Prop anode to prevent the common problem of having the mounting holes corrode away, allowing the anode to fall off while it is still almost new.
With other models, the anode could fall off leaving your expensive Max Prop unprotected, while you assume that everything is okay.

The Sea Shield solution includes an internal aluminum mounting ring cast right into the anode.
The ring protects the fastener holes from corroding prematurely, allowing you to get the full benefit of the lifespan of the anode.
These "long-life" anodes also provide much better electrical contact with the propeller, ensuring proper protection.

• Built to military specification MIL-A-18001
• Made in California, USA
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Manufacturer in question, December 13, 2013
I had the original 3 hole Zinc by Sea Shield and found they did indeed fall off at bolt holes due to SST against bronze. I corrected this by boring a hole in the center of the zinc and got 4 times the usage due to wear at center of zinc where it's thick and instead of holes. Used fingernail polish. Worked great. Now with these "New" multi-use, Multi Hole zincs even with hole drilled in center they are falling off at holes. NO IMPROVEMENT! Looking for old style
By Joseph from Ventura, Ca.
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