Seacock Interlock System

Seacock Interlock System

Overboard Discharge Safety Switch Plus Relay • Sized for Groco BV1500 Seacock

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This unique switch prevents your holding tank discharge pump from operating when its seacock is in the closed position.
The switch has a waterproof covering and a 316 stainless steel bracket to resist the corrosive effects of saltwater.

In use, the switch is mounted to the seacock and wired - in series with the holding tank discharge pump's regular panel-mounted on/off switch - to the included relay which supplies current to the discharge pump.
When the seacock is in the closed position, the circuit through the Interlock Switch is broken (open) and no current can flow to the pump.
When the seacock is in the open position, the seacock handle presses down on the switch armature, completing the circuit to the relay and making electric power available to the pump. The pump is then separately controlled by its "'normal" on/off switch on a control panel.

The DTD02 Remote Discharge Control Panel is designed to be used with this Interlock System. It includes a "Check Seacock" warning light which is activated if the discharge pump is activated when the seacock is closed; see Related Products, below.
• System includes - switch, mounting bracket, and 30-amp control relay (not shown)
• Switch is ignition prevention tested for engine room installation
• Bracket specifically matches the mounting hole spacing for a Groco 1-1/2" flanged seacock valve BV1500
• An Interlock System is available sized for a Conbraco #7014701 1-1/2" seacock by special order; please inquire at 800-426-6930
• Designed to operate with a SaniPump™ discharge pump

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